A Brief on WordPress

The WordPress is a service provider for blogging which was started in a small way with only two blogs and five developers. In the initial period of the platform the developers used to help their friends in developing their web site as the friends were not technical. The aim was to help them join the web community.


With such a starting aiming to help the non technical people to learn the designing of their websites, the developers tried to make a simple as well as user friendly system for the general mass of people in the web community. That humble starting has found a vast empire of 4 million posts with an astounding 6.5 billion views of the pages every month. It has a very strong schedule of development which is rising at a fast pace. Many sites such as chicago wordpress classes offers training to the persons desiring to learn.

Combatting the web spammers

WordPress has also been able to successfully combat the web spammers by blocking around 5 billion spams per year with an accuracy of 99.5%. Akismet plug-in was used for the blocking job which has shown a high rate of accuracy. But the spammers are too clever to be won for ever. They are now coming out with a new type of spams which is able to befool by copying comments on various other posts and gained a link by changing the reference of the URL. The spammers even try to pay people for leaving useful comments and spam with the help of the links provided in them. The spammers undertake another clever disposition by making kind comments in order to flatter the webmaster encouraging him to approve the remarks.

Compatibility to other platforms

The WordPress also is doing work for making it compatible to other platforms due to the popularity of the iPhone and its applications. They are trying to incorporate the blackberry as well as other mobile applications.

Improved plug-ins

The WordPress also is planning to improve their plug-ins. They are observing the 1000 plug-ins at the bottom in order to find the new trends which are coming up. For ascertaining the upcoming trends it is easier when you follow and watch the tail end. The WordPress is also going to use intelligent software in order to monitor the plug-ins with a view to access valuable inputs from the market. Huge numbers of features have in brought in by the plug-ins.

WordPress 3.9

The future WordPress will be going to be WordPress 3.9 which have been released during somewhere April 2014. Already WordPress 3.9 have more than 9 million downloads. The maintenance release has many fixes which includes fixes of customized widgets during theme previewing, multisite networks, improved editor for the visuals etc. The audio and video features are much improved in the WordPress 3.9 compared to the older versions.

The good news for the persons who are already using WordPress 3.9 is that arrangements have been made to roll out background updates automatically for it. The software is yet in the developing mode and hence the manufacturer is asking the users for not using it on the production side.