WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Sites SEO & Usability

If you are the owner of a website that runs on WordPress, you know that there is a variety of different plugins available. They are broken down into different niches yet even searching for SEO WordPress plugins you still have many options. Therefore, today we are going to cover the essential plugins that will help your sites SEO and usability with most of the options listed being free.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

We recommend this as the number one plugin. In fact, it should be the first plugin that you install once you have installed WordPress. The best part is using it is very easy. Additionally, you may want to download the Yoast Google Analytic plugin too.

Simple URLs

This is another WordPress plugin that comes highly recommended; because it lets, you track outbound links and control them from the backend of your platform. Additionally, if you use affiliate links you will benefit by being able to see the number of clicks on your links as well as the number of people who make a purchase.

RB Internal Links

This plugin has not been updated in a few years yet we are still including it on the list because it is great for internal linking. By having this plugin installed, you are able to use the post ID to link rather than the URL. So, if you change the URL down the line the URL updated automatically. This means that you are eliminating 404 pages, which can damage your internal pages SEO while making sure your visitors are never directed to a URL that does not exist.

Widget Logic

Widget Logic is a plugin that is for your widgets as the name hints. When you install this plugin, your widgets come with an additional option to allow you to define where you want the widget. If you want to be in control of where content shows on your website this is an essential installation to make.


Sometimes the default user roles that come with your site are not exactly what you had in mind. This plugin allows you to be able to add on additional roles as well as edit the current ones.

W3 Total Cache

When you want your site to perform, well W3 Total Cache is the best plugin available.  It handles your browser caching, comment removal, disk caching, and so much more.

Gravity Forms

This is one of the paid WordPress plugins yet if you make the investment, you will find that it pays for itself in no time at all. It is the number one plugin for form generation and management. Gravity Forms allows you to do numerous things such as basic contact forms, contact forms with email routine, MailChimp integration, and even create content. The best thing is all of the entries on the forms are stored in your backend and are viewable.

Twitter Feed Pro

This is another paid plugin but you will find the price is very affordable based on the benefits that come along with usage.  It outputs a Twitter feed based on your settings. You can choose to have your feed show your latest tweets or someone else’s, replies, public mentioned, hashtags, and more. Customizing your feed is a breeze and the options are basically limitless.

Overall, if you want to improve the SEO and usability of your WordPress websitethese are the plugins that you need to keep in mind. Once you start using them, you will definitely notice a difference in your website.