With the popularity of smartphone, tablet, and netbook browsing a reality, companies must consider how their web presence appears on the small-scale. Here’s five of the best WordPress mobile plugins for a user-friendly appeal:

1. W3 Total Cache

This plugin proves a must-have for all blogs, and it’s probably the most popularly used WordPress Content Management System (CMS) on the market.

Optimizing loading speed and countering high CPU usage, the W3 Total Cache drastically cuts down on downloading time. Instead of generating your web page each time a visitor comes across it, this plugin generates the site on WordPress and the server just one time and saves a copy. That way, unless or until an administrator updates your site, there’s no need to regenerate the page.

2. iThemes Mobile


Image via Flickr by adactio

Not limited to mobile device enhancement, as the iThemes Mobile plugin is even compatible with home video consoles like an X-Box and PlayStation. Still, it works seamlessly on Apple, Android, Samsung, and BlackBerry devices.

Most importantly, the plugin comes ready with available templates and themes so even the cache-wary blogger can fix their site for multiple-interface appeal. Yet,  professional developers mutually benefit from the plugins many features. As such, the plugin offers a variety of developer-level price ranges from beginner or personal user to a business.

When using the plugin, it accounts for each device that will encounter the site, and makes changes particular to that interface. The custom header uploader, built-in to the system, especially helps to differentiate each device’s web look. Annual updates and support come with the plugin, as well.

3. WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin

Not only does this plugin work across all mobile platforms and Windows, but it’s free for use from novice developer to professional. There’s no need to fiddle with code. Instead, simply maintain your site’s original web design, and the plugin adapts it to a flawless mobile interface appearance.

The WP Smart Mobile Theme plugin features three well-designed themes with room for individual choices in the settings area, such as font and background color or menu design.

It also easily incorporates Google Analytics and Google Adsense to help with your marketing strategy. Still, there’s an option for a custom stats and advertizing approach.

4.  WordFence Security


Image via Flickr by zerge_violator

Never neglect security for your site. With the WordFence Security plugin, you’ll have a quick website scanner to first detect site corruption, fix and secure the site, and then block harmful IP addresses with every use. As a result, it actually improves the performance, speed, and security of your site up to fifty percent.

Even though it’s not for backup, the plugin does repair core, theme, and plugin files when necessary. You’re guaranteed to block hackers from your site with WordFence. It’s easy to monitor your site and get a leg-up on the latest hacker tricks.

5. Search Meter

Wish you could read the minds of your viewers? With Search Meter, it’s nearly possible. The plugin works within the search box of your blog to record every search made within the blog or site. With such data, administrators easily determine what searches provide effective and successful results, and what information blog viewers really want to see.

Linked to Google Analytics, this simple plugin provides the ability to overhaul a marketing strategy. With a clear signifier of viewers’ likes and dislikes, what they want to find, what they are finding, and what they’re not finding on the site, it’s easy to address any slacking areas and fix them.

Beyond managing and analyzing statistics, with the Popular Searches widget, the plugin affords the option of displaying  and listing the hyperlinked most popular searches for easy viewer access. Just as valuable as mobile themes, this brings readers back to your blog.

Essentially, the right mobile plugins achieve what’s best for your site. Paying top-dollar for a plugin is not always worth it for a personal site, but for a professional developer or business, investing in plugins generally affords a giant payback. Consider these five plugins and more for your mobile users.