What to Do and What to Avoid in Mobile Advertising

In keeping with the fast paced development of all things technological, advertising has made a full entrance into the realm of mobile devices. It’s become just as important for businesses to have mobile advertisements as it has to place them in publications, online, and on TV. The reliance of society in general on mobile devices has dictated this change. Any technologically savvy entrepreneur will realize the importance of mobile advertising. Even if you’re not familiar with all aspects of mobile devices, it’s important that you fully recognize the impact mobile advertising could have on any services or products you are looking to sell.

mobile advertising

There are right ways and wrong ways to implement mobile advertising and it’s also important to be aware of those.

Banner Ads

These are among the most common mobile ads encountered mainly because they are cheaper than other types of mobile advertising. This is also known as “spray and pay”. These ads are often visually unappealing, crude in construction, and tend to be very annoying for mobile users. Despite all those facts, banner ads consisted of nearly $2 of every $10 spent on mobile advertising in North America in the past year, according to eMarketer. The decision whether or not to use banner ads requires some consideration. Because they’re often seen as irritating by a vast majority of users, they can be detrimental to your business and brand name.

Takeover Ads

Takeover ads, which are advertisements that “take over” the screen of a mobile device temporarily, are quickly growing in popularity. These ads can be highly customized and are often catchy and appealing to the eye. Because they are larger and more complex than banner ads, takeover ads will have a higher price tag attached to them. However, when you consider their efficiency, you may consider it well worth the cost. Creating takeover ads for your product or business can be as easy as enlisting the services of a mobile advertising company. Like any other type of ad, you’ll want the takeover ad to be professional, to the point, and high quality.

Innovative Ads

Ads that are different, fun, or useful are becoming more and more prominent in mobile marketing. Because they are different from regular ads, they can easily catch the eye of consumers who have learned to turn a blind eye to regular forms of marketing. An innovative ad can vary in type. Some businesses may rely on an audio ad to market their services. An audio ad allows you to personally put forth your pitch vocally and embed the ad on websites that are related to the market area most relevant to what you’re selling.

Another form of innovative mobile advertising is featured in mobile devices such as eReaders. Once the device is powered off or goes to sleep, the screen displays an advertisement. While this is definitely a way to ensure you’re garnering attention, it can also turn people off because of its persistence. As with banner ads, it’s important to consider if you want your marketing efforts to be irritating instead of enticing.