Should Your HR Department use Video Conferencing Equipment to Recruit New Staff?

It is a well known thing that nowadays video conferencing is increasing in terms of popularity and is used in highly diverse business environments. When referring to the recruitment process, there are some studies that showcased the fact that potential candidates liked the fact that interviews were handled with the use of such technology.

Advantages Of Using Video Conferencing Equipment

For starters, the finances that are necessary to recruit staff are reduced. This happens as you get the possibility of investing just once and then use the equipment for all further recruitment needs. It is something that automatically increases profits for a company.

As already mentioned, the potential recruits will see your business with better eyes and will want to work with you as they will find themselves in a highly professional environment. Using technology for increasing productivity is something that helps out a lot at the end of the day in increasing profits on the long run.

The last huge advantage that should be mentioned is that time is gained. We all know that time is money so this again translates into an increase in profits. The speed with which the entire recruitment process is handled is something that will help you get the staff that you need when you need it.

Disadvantages of Using Video Conferencing Equipment

Although video conferencing is great, it cannot actually eliminate the advantages of having a physical presence. People do tend to communicate a lot in a non verbal way and this has a huge impact on eventual necessary training sessions. Video conferencing is a great tool for training but it cannot actually achieve the same results as that physical presence.

We should also think about potential technological drawbacks. Connection stability is a problem that can appear even with the best systems. Even when you deal with a reputable company that offers a video conferencing solution, you still need to expect some problems that can appear. This includes hardware, software or other factors.

Should You Use Video Conferencing?

When talking about discussing private and sensitive information inside an organization, there is no way not to consider video conferences. They are actually more secure than email and the only real disadvantage in this case is that what is discussed cannot be used as proof. Security is high and this is something that you want with sensitive information. However, you need to be sure that this is the case with your system.

When referring to using such equipment for recruitment purposes, the topic is still highly subjective. As technology evolves, it is a guarantee that there will be a growing number of HR departments that will make use of video conferencing equipment in order to gain time and have faster results. However, this should not be an option that you consider in later recruitment steps like training.


There are clearly advantages and disadvantages of using video conferencing solutions for recruitment purposes. The final decision is all up to you but if you decide to use such equipment, try to also use it in day-to-day activities since it would be a shame not to use technology for both.