Setting up a Website with Wix Code

Wix Code is a strong solution that helps both non-programmers and experts in the field to build highly sophisticated web applications of all kinds, tailored to one’s needs, in a fast and tremendously easy way.

With Wix Code, you can easily create Database Collections, Dynamic Pages, Customer User Input Forms, Custom Interactions, and APIs, all in one place. You can access each of them easily, or ignore them if you don’t need them. Everything is at your own choice, allowing your creativity to run free.

Building a website with Wix Code is surprisingly easy, as the platform offers JavaScript capabilities for both front-end interactivity and design, as well as back-end functionality. More than that, it allows users to add advanced features that were previously only available with custom code. Wix Code also provides serversless functionality, allowing users to cut the costs on infrastructure and storage. Wix Code reduces the time that businesses usually spend on setting up and maintaining their online presence, allowing them to put their creativity and goals first.

Wix Code offers you:

Database collections: you can easily collect and store content, as well as user information in a database that you can use anywhere on your website.

User Input: you can quickly, easily create application forms, quizzes, review sections and more, all so that you can collect useful user information in a simple, elegant, stunning way.

Wix Code APIs: control your website’s functionality with JavaScript and Wix’s APIs in an easy, fast way.

Dynamic Pages with Custom Design: dynamic pages are highly important for any business; you can now build a single design style, create 100s of unique pages and update the content in just one click; more than that, you can organize by category and update content easily from your database.

Clever Custom Interactions: Customizing page element behaviors can lead to a boost in visitors and sales, as clients need to be engaged with the content that they see; with Wix Code, you can add JavaScript code to your page elements and customize their behavior. You can create interactions for anything that a user does, such as hover over a shape and toggle the page layout; everything is easy to do, even if you are not a JavaScript expert.

All the features are hosted in the secure Wix cloud, while each individual page is created automatically with its very own unique URL, SEO compatible.

You can now do more without coding, and take control with JavaScript whenever you feel the need of it.

As Wix Code adds advanced functionality, it allows you to create a more interactive and dynamic site. All you need to do in order to benefit from these features is turn on Developer Tools by simply selecting its checkbox in the Tools menu of the Editor.

Once you do this, a few changes will occur in the Editor. A Properties panel appears, a code panel appears at the bottom of the Editor, a Site Structure sidebar is added to the left of the Editor, while more elements become available in the Add menu, including User Input and Database.

From this step forward, you can start turning your dream into a real, visual website that will actually have the power to boost your sales and increase your clients’ trust in your brand.

There is nothing that you can’t achieve easily through Wix Code. You can design your own forms, set up elements, connect form elements, add dynamic elements to your page, add custom interactivity and everything that you can imagine. In addition to this, it does not imply any complicated functions, nor will you need high knowledge in the field.

Wix Code aims to change the game for web applications by allowing everyone to create a website on their own. From those who know nothing about coding, to those who know it by heart, creating a stunning website is now easier than one might think.

Wix Code allows users to show off their creativity, rather than their knowledge in coding. Customers are attracted to interactive websites that can be easily browsed. A highly converting website is one that clearly shows the products and their benefits, while also having enough elements to make the experience unique and interesting. Wix Code helps users achieve exactly that, and even more. No need to loose time writing complicated codes. Users now have the chance to put their focus more on their creativity and ideas, and less on the process of creating the website.

Wix Code comes with a handful of tools that are easy to use. Complicated websites are now easily achieved by anyone, anywhere, anytime, while all the hours spent writing code, testing it, and correcting it if necessary remain in the past.