The 4 Must-Haves for a Modern Web Dev Co-Working Space

Whether you’re working in a cramped space or want to make sure that you have all the right amenities for your next hack-a-thon, devs and programmers are a unique bunch when it comes to their wants and needs.

It’s crucial for devs to be productive around the clock; meanwhile, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to pull some late shifts or all-nighters to meet the needs of clients and customers. That said, setting up your workspace on-the-go requires finding a balance between the comforts of a traditional office and not taking up too much space or blowing out your budget.

So, what are the essentials for devs operating out of co-working spaces or otherwise tight spots?

A Well-Stocked Kitchen

Having the right nutritional options on deck can be the difference between a successful coding session and time down the drain. Especially when putting in long hours, refreshments and caffeine can make or break your ability to get down to business.

That said, few devs have room in their spaces for a full-blown kitchen. That’s why small kitchen gadgets and storage solutions that you might see in a tiny house or RV are making their ways into the offices of today’s tech giants.

In terms of actual food and drinks, a small-scale coffee maker such as a Keurig and non-perishable items such as Clif Bars are fairly standard. Both can provide developers with the necessary nutrition without making a massive mess. After all, you should be focusing on your next coding project rather than cleaning up after yourself, right?

Foolproof Wi-Fi

This may seem like a no-brainer, but no co-working space or office is worth much if you can’t stay connected to the web. Most co-working spaces live and die by their Wi-Fi anyway; however, it always helps to be as close to a router within your office as possible. If your connection seems spotty, be sure to assess common Wi-Fi problems and make sure that there’s nothing wrong on your end.

Smart Seating

The ability to get work done correlates directly with how comfortable you are. If you’re stuck in stiff seats or chairs, you’re simply going to want to go somewhere else rather than focus on your work.

As a result, consider creative seating solutions such as yoga balls and bean bag chairs to keep yourself from worrying about back pain. Meanwhile, you could also go the no-seat rout altogether by looking into standing desks for your space.

Working out of a space where the seating options aren’t exactly stellar? No problem. In situations where you can’t replace the chairs altogether, simply bring your own back bellow or cushion as an extra line of defense between you and back pain.

The Almighty Whiteboard

It’s important that those working on long-term projects give themselves a “brain break” and excuse to stretch. Likewise, whiteboards and planning on paper is an awesome alternative to staring endlessly at a screen. Don’t underestimate the power of the whiteboard when it comes to providing your team with a visual and having something to look at that isn’t digital.

Is your co-working space missing something? Rather than get stuck an environment that doesn’t support creativity and productivity, consider these tips as a starting point toward a better workspace.