10 Design Patterns for a Stunning Mobile App Interface

The user interface is arguably the most important part of your app, in terms of usability and creating a good first impression. In order to display your information and allow users to interact with your content, your app will need to have an easy-to-use interface. By following some popular design patterns for stunning mobile app interfaces, you can guarantee success for your mobile application, regardless of its platform. Take a look at these top 10 design patterns for mobile app interfaces to get ideas for your own project.

1. Change Interface Design Pattern

The Change app interface was designed to give people an easy and intuitive way to donate to charitable organizations through a mobile device. Part of the app’s success is undoubtedly owed to its excellent interface design pattern. Take note of the trendy logo and typographical styling, and uniform color scheme when designing your own app interface.

2. LightBot Code Hour App Design

This app was created to teach people the concepts behind coding so that they can get a head start when they begin to learn various codes and languages. The best parts of its interface design pattern are the landscape layout and uniformly-square icons which make for a stunning overall theme. If you have WordPress hosting and are converting your site to an app, make sure the icons will look good on a mobile display or locate a new icon set specifically for the app.

3. WolframAlpha

The design pattern used in the development of WolframAlpha’s interface is elegant and easy to use. There are only 3 colors used in the interface, which utilizes lots of white space and small fonts. Use white space liberally in your app’s interface to give it a clean and organized appearance.

4. Indeed

The Indeed job search app is used on nearly a million mobile devices, and as such its interface has been thoroughly researched and tested. This is an optimal design pattern for business-based apps that don’t need a lot of graphics. Consider adding large buttons and custom keyboards to your business and educational related apps to make for convenient use on the go.

5. Physics Drop

The popular gaming app Physics drop uses a stunning and simple interface to allow users to have fun while focusing on the content. The app contains a single paper-style background which gives each screen a familiarity. Choose large, patterned background images for your interface to create a cohesive look and feel and improve your app’s overall User Experience (UX.)

6. Design Home

Design Home is a home interior and design app with a stunning user interface. Notice the inspiring website-like layout used throughout the app, which will appeal to users of desktop design applications. This is a great interface design pattern for apps that contain a lot of content or links.

7. PowerVocab

The design pattern behind the PowerVocab app’s interface is engaging and eye-catching. Lighter color schemes are used throughout, and the navigation is intuitive, even for those not familiar with many mobile apps. Consider tailoring your app to your audience, as this interface is arguably designed with a younger demographic in mind. This kind of customization will help your app succeed within its market.

8. Angry Birds Match Design Pattern

The designers behind the Angry Birds series unquestionably know how to appeal to users when it comes to simple and engaging interfaces. Include some of the features found in this design pattern in your own mobile app interface, such as the embedded video animations, full screen loading graphics, and pointer icons found through the app.

9. Pattrn

The Pattrn App is a simple one-task app designed to let users change the wallpaper on their device. The makers of this app opted to match its functional simplicity with a minimalist design containing large rectangular thumbnail buttons and images. Consider pairing apps with less content to minimal designs that have low learning curves to let your users make use of your app right away.

10. Workout Book App

This inspirational app design pattern is a prime example of the “less is more” concept in artistic design. It uses a completely flat interface and solid-color blocking to display data in a stylish and minimalist fashion. This type of design makes for easy conversion for CMS websites as well, so consider going this route if you have Joomla or WordPress hosting and want to make an app of your website.

These 10 design patterns have been field-tested by major app makers and users around the world. The patterns found among these inspirational apps will help you create your own stunning mobile app interface for any application. Whether you go with the flat and minimalist design, or prefer stylish bells and whistles, you can create stunning mobile apps by studying these popular design patterns.