5 Best Templates For Newsletter Design – Inspiration for Your Blog

A newsletter format is the perfect way to present the content of your site. Trying to figure out how to design the start of a blog can be confusing when you have so many options available to you. By going with a newsletter format, you can present your content in a logical matter and make sure that your most important content is getting the attention they need. The question is: what newsletter design formats should you use? Here are five of the best templates that can be found online.

1. Freshmail

Are you looking for the traditional newsletter format that ensures that your content is being consumed by your readers? Freshmail provides a tried and true template that can be a good fit for most email marketers and blog owners. It starts off with a big headline, carousel style image links, and follows up with clean alternating columns.

Why It Works: The templates starts off with a big headline that you can use to highlight your main offer. Then it provides image links right below where you can place your featured content. It finishes off with small posts that are coupled with images to give them higher clickability.

Who It’s For: The blogger or email marketer that is looking for something traditional. It’s a perfect default design that allows site owners that produce a lot of content to make sure that all of their content gets exposure.

2. Pook

Are you a blogger that focuses on creating a limited amount of high quality content? If so, you’re probably looking for the best way to highlight your content on your blog. Pook is a simple newsletter design that you can use to highlight individual posts.

Why It Works: It uses a very simple format that focuses on the header and highlights each individual post with mini header graphics. This draws attention to each piece of content and the minimalist approach removes any possibility of distraction.

Who It’s For: The blogger or email marketer that strives for simplicity. Somebody that emphasizes quality over quantity when it comes to content.

3. InfoWazz

If you want to create a professional look for your blog or newsletter, you can’t go wrong with a magazine style format. InfoWazz is a WordPress theme dedicated to helping you achieve the magazine look. It comes with eight different post styles so that you can adapt it to your own unique look.

Why It Works: The layout is very attractive to readers. The template arranges featured posts in many different ways to give it a stylish look. Small accents like share counts, view counts and category labeling complete the look. It also features an attractive footer that allows readers to access more content.

Who It’s For: The blogger or email marketer that wants the professional magazine look. This template is perfect for site owners that are looking to focus on their brand and wants to come off as a high quality editorial style blog.

4. Chronicle

Focusing on a news site? If so, Chronicle has the look you’re probably going for. It is a simple newspaper style template. For this template, it’s the small accents that really help tie in the look. The typography, layout, elegant design, icons and headers all make you feel like you’re reading a high quality news publication.

Why It Works: The graphical accents and layout convey that you’re reading a serious and professional news publication. There are many widgets so that you can cover special sections and include special features on your site.

Who It’s For: The blogger that wants to publish a professional and serious publication. It can be perfect for industries like business, politics, technology, luxury and lifestyle.

5. Behance’s Email Campaign

Looking for something modern but not too basic? Behance is featuring a free responsive email newsletter template that uses flat and animation style designs. These two styles are trending in the design industry right now and it’s a fun and engaging way to connect with your readers.

Why It Works: It uses great flat and animated graphics to engage users. The layout is very organized and clean. The icons are attractive and make you want to click on the supporting links. It’s a great modern look.

Who It’s For: The blogger or email marketer that wants a modern look that simply works. Somebody whot wants the perfect balance of visual presentation and content. This can easily be used as an email or blog format.

This mix of free and paid newsletter style templates can be used for either your email marketing campaign or your blog design. Any of these templates can work well for the start of a blog. They all do a great job in presenting your content with their own respective layouts and making sure that the content gets adequate exposure.