How to Make Awesome Animated Gifs

Animated GIFs were the default option for almost every web designer in the very early days of the internet and understandably, most of us have seen enough spinning objects and dancing babies to last a lifetime.

Although animated GIFs never really disappeared altogether they stopped taking a starring role on web pages some time ago, but thanks to GIF-friendly social platforms like Tumblr they have not only started to return to prominence but thankfully they have also become a lot more sophisticated.

This infographic gives you the lowdown on how to make some awesome animated GIFs that are definitely more relevant than retro.

If you fancy creating a GIF from a video file or from a YouTube video, you can follow a step-by-step guide that shows you how to do that. There is also a look at some of the apps and design tools that you might want to try. Plus,  if you want to take your GIF designs to a whole new level, there are some pointers on how to make the most of photoshop to enhance your creations.

Animated GIFs have definitely come of age and they still remain a great way to grab someone’s attention, but it doesn’t have to be a dancing dog unless you are going retro.

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