Why is Content so Important When it Comes to Search Engine Rankings?

In the past many people found it was sufficient to just have a web presence that included a bunch of relevant keywords strung together. The fact is that this does not work on the Internet of today. The web has grown rapidly, and continues to do so. This growth means that there is a lot more competition out there when it comes to attracting people to your website. Add to this the fact that people have come to expect a lot more from web content, and you begin to see the importance of good content.

These are not the only reasons why you need to concentrate on producing good content for your website. Ever since Google Panda came on the scene content has become a consideration in search engine rankings. If you have a website which does not contain high quality content, then your rankings could be adversely affected. Let’s take a look at Google Panda and why content production should be a central part of successful online marketing strategies.

What difference does Google Panda make?

Way back in February 2011, the Google Panda update helped to start a change in the way online content was produced. The update meant that the quality of the content provided on a website was now taken into account when search engine rankings were calculated. This was a big change and one which meant that many producers of online content had to up their game.

Prior to the introduction of Google Panda many people had attempted to cut corners when it came to attracting website visitors. Often content consisted of a selection of keywords, as well as sections of content from other websites that had been thrown together in an attempt to attract visitors. Of course, this was not the case with all websites but it was a problem. This was why Google acted.

The importance of concentrating on content

Given what we have said about Google Panda, you can see why it’s so important to concentrate your efforts on producing relevant and informative content for your website. Doing so helps to improve and protect your search engine ranking. Of course, this is not the only reason why content creation is so important.

If you have a website that lacks high quality content, then you are not going to attract visitors as well as you would like. People want to visit websites that provide them with the information they are looking for; if your website does not do this then people will look elsewhere. You also need to be mindful of encouraging people to share your website links with others; they will not do this if they are not impressed with what they see.

The bottom line is that if you want your website to feature as highly as possible in search engine rankings you need to make sure that its content is well written, relevant and informative.