WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin – what makes this plugin a must-have?

Many other ecommerce companies carry out various selling approaches to attract new clients and hold current ones involved. Some viable strategies are to provide competitive pricing dependent on quantity, commodity requests, seasonal preferences, etc. How are you going to incorporate competitive pricing techniques if you operate a shop in WooCommerce? WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin is one of the obvious choices when you look at the options open. Here’s our analysis of the WooCommerce dynamic pricing app to help appreciate its capabilities.

It helps you configure bulk discounts, price types, app role-based pricing (great for wholesalers), and more. Out-of-the-box goods in WooCommerce will have two prices: standard price and selling level. Products lacking one of these two values cannot be bought, and goods with a selling price specified can be used to charge consumers. While these two selling choices are by the majority of retailers’ desires, satisfied shop owners may require the flexibility to provide a more flexible pricing system for their goods. The addon is accessible on the platform of WooCommerce. You need $129 to get a duplicate of this widget. You’ll get one year of help and notifications from the moment you make the order. So you’re going to receive a 30-day money return offer as well. The method of deployment and configuration is straightforward. It would be best to adopt the same way you select when you activate some other WooCommerce Addon.

Why is Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin essential?

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing also called as Woocommerce Discount rules plugin is a WooCommerce extension that allows its people to automatically introduce dynamic pricing and discounts at multiple levels: commodity, mix, section, and collection. This is one of the best extensions that can allow consumers to operate with all the competitive pricing and discount functionality without sophistication. The addon helps users to conveniently construct complicated laws, including percentage and flat discount forms. The consumer may also automatically set a new price to override the standard or selling price. Along with the usual features anticipated from a variable pricing plugin, there are some unique features that I’ll speak about the next segment.

Advantages of Dynamic Pricing

So it is obvious that the plugin is an inevitable one if you want to improve your sales and to induce your customers to make more sales and cross sales. As briefed earlier, you would have by now understood what dynamic pricing is, so let’s have a peek at some of its benefits.

Boost Sales & Revenue

You will increase sales of goods that are not doing well. You can also discount brands on occurrences such as Black Friday or sports Day for an increase in sales.

Beat Competition

Competitive pricing helps you adjust the quality of your goods, depending on your rivals’ demands. By reducing your rates, you will lure their buyers to your shop.


As the name suggests, this environment lets you establish pricing rules at the specific product stage. Here’s how you should manage it. Go to the Edit page of a given company and enter the User Configuration Settings tab. Now you can find the Dynamic Pricing settings where you can apply a demand requirement to the thing. The defaults are pretty clear.

Order totals pricing

You may also set up pricing guidelines based on the order number. To control the options, you need to move to WooCommerce > Variable Pricing > Full Order. Similar to individual product environments, various pricing categories may also be generated.

Roles pricing

The plugin also provides the facility of scheduling discounts for any of the client positions required in your shop. The settings here are very plain. You need to activate the user function by turning the arrow keys to it. Pick a good discount form from the Volume Discount or Percentage Discount.

Category pricing

The next big choice is to correct market changes dependent on categories. You may reach these configurations by referring to WooCommerce > Dynamic Price > Group. There are two approaches to do so – Easy and Intermediate.

Simple category pricing

The system is a lot like the Roles pricing we’ve mentioned above. All types allowed in your store will be seen on the Settings tab. It would be best if you enabled the discount you want to create, select the discount form, and decide the number. Of discount forms, you have the right to pick between a Dollar Discount and a Cost Discount.

What do we think about the plugin?

The widget is a reasonable choice if you are looking for support to set up different discount guidelines in your supermarket. The code is not complicated, and you’re supposed to be allowed to try to set up guidelines very easily. The framework for position pricing and basic segment pricing has apparent visual consistency. Generally, this is an excellent choice for your WooCommerce shop because you want the power to set up a range of promo choices.

Extensive section Prices

Set up group discounts for market segments by setting up a table of quantity and discount amounts. Choose between a fixed price change and a percentage improvement. Optionally, the roles to be chosen should be applied to the section pricing rule. Advanced Category cost is helpful when you need to increase all products’ prices in a segment based on the number of things that a shopper orders from the business segments. Optionally, enhanced group pricing can be applied to existing consumers that you have introduced to the position you set up, such as regular membership.


Patching WooCommerce prices is simple, but it is not competent to automatically do so automatically if you deliver a wide variety of promotions regularly. The rational solution is to use a plugin to simplify the method for you. If it comes to applying WooCommerce pricing strategies, we are part of the Dynamic Pricing With Discount Guidelines for WooCommerce because of the user-friendly interface and ease of use. You will use it to configure the discount rules on whatever items you choose. And make sure you get the best out of the competitive prices, you’ll always want to customize the product sites.