Designing Your Property Management Website

When it comes to running any kind of business these days, you need to have a website for your business. People spend more time looking up businesses online than they do picking up a phonebook. And, with your website they want to be able to find everything out they need to about your business.

That even includes property management businesses. People don’t only want to be able to get on your site and see what apartments you have available, but current renters want your site to be a one stop shop to deal with all of their rental needs. Here are some tips for creating a great property management website.

For Prospective Renters

When it comes to making sure your site caters to potential renters, you need to make sure you are sharing plenty of information about your management business with them. That start with having a detailed about page, and making sure your site is easy to navigate.

Make sure you have a testimonials page, and a page where people can easily submit questions without feeling like they are committing to anything. The testimonials page will help them know that your business is legit and they can expect to have someone great to rent from that also makes sure repairs get done quickly.

You also need to have an area where they can see the floor plans and pricing for the different apartments you have available. By skipping on including prices you could lose out on a lot of renters. People like transparency.

For Current Renters

Your renters also want to be able to find your website useful, and that could mean developing a separate portal for them. This should be a place where they can pay rent without needing to send a check, request maintenance without spending time on the phone, and even be able to contact the office with complaints and more.

This portal should also be easy to navigate. Plus, it gives possible new tenants something to convince them to go with your rentals as well. They can see that you are renter friendly and like making things easy for them.

The Look

Remember that you want to have stuff for current renters and potential renters separated somewhat so that it is easier for both to find what they need. You also want to make sure that your site is easily accessible on mobile devices. Many people use their smartphones and tablets for spending time online, and your site will be more popular if it’s compatible. You want the font and color, as well as size of photos, to look good on any outlet people are viewing your site on.

Make your site with pleasing colors, and make sure to include plenty of photos. People want to know what the apartment might look like when they move in to decide if it will work for them.