Design Your Website With These Hints in Mind

Your business website can be a powerful tool for longevity if you know how to properly entice visitors to explore.  You’ll have to design in such a way that your site is placed in view of a slew of web users every day, and there are several elements of website design aimed towards achieving just that.

Take a moment from your day, and spend a little time researching a few design elements that can boost your organization into digital success.  Here is a quick breakdown of some of the most important aspects of a well-planned web design.

Encourage communication through design

The design of your business website should contain certain elements that encourage web users to communicate with your organization.  There should always be a “Contact Us” page (like this excellent example site), but there’s more to encouraging communication than just your contact page.

Your homepage is also a great place for a communication plea.  A well-written call to action will have people clicking and sharing their information in no time.  Check out a few well-known, effective examples of a “call to action.”

Optimize your design for mobile use

Mobile devices are extremely common today, and people use them more than their PCs to access the internet.  It is important that your website’s design is such that mobile visitors can still properly view your content.

Today’s mobile web users do not appreciate the need to pinch or swipe for proper viewing.  They will easily move onto a more optimized site, as Google rewards mobile optimization with a better SERP (search engine results page)  ranking.

Integrate the use of social media

Social media is a must have element for any business website.  When web users have the ability to push a small button and share with their friends and family, they will use that ability freely.

You must also provide content that is share-worthy.  Place social media share buttons alongside your blog posts and on your homepage.  These are pivotal areas of your design, and more people will see them.

Build an engaging business blog

Your business blog is also a very useful tool for success.  Invest in producing a well-written entry at least once per week.  A stale blog is a useless blog.  You must maintain your business blog, and stay informed on industry news.

Learn how to apply SEO to your content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and you need to learn everything you possibly can about the digital art.  SEO will teach you how the internet works and how the content of your website is truly seen by search engines.  When your site is fully optimized, you will not lose.