5 Sales Methods To Code Inside Your Website

For many people, the whole point of having a website is to make money. This may mean converting sales, or it might mean advertising revenue, but the easier it is for these conversions to occur within the framework of your site, the better. And that means that you want to hard code in the most efficient pay methods possible.

So, five methods in particular that involve some aspect of coding organization inside your website structure are going to be including your product catalog in there, using automated PayPal options, creating online chat opportunities for potential buyers, figuring out a way to set up recurring payments from clients, or asking for donations to your case.

Your Product Catalog

Especially if you have an extensive line of things that you have for sale, you’re going to want to create a great product catalog inside your website. And since the coding for that kind of infrastructure can be pretty difficult to design on your own, there are third party companies that can do all of that heavy lifting for you, allowing you to concentrate on the quality of your products themselves.

PayPal Options

If you’re selling things digitally, having a business PayPal account can be tremendously beneficial. That way there are single click options for people to buy your goods. And they can either be delivered electronically (as in the case of software for example), or you can have an automated system of shipping set up so that once payment goes through, all of the rest of the physical shipping process gets handled. This might involve things like picking the product out of the warehouse, boxing it, labeling it, and getting it into the postage system.

Online Chat Options

A recent development is extremely beneficial to both consumers and producers of goods is the idea of immediate chat availability when you visit a website. A single click on a chat option can either allow voice or text-style communication, and within that conversation, many questions can be answered, and sales closed within a short amount of focused time.

Recurring Payments

A great option for websites to maintain a constant flow of income is if there are recurring payments or some type of subscription involved. If you can figure out how to code these possibilities into your website, then you won’t have to worry about adding that ability later. Typically subscriptions are going to be handled as direct connections to bank accounts or PayPal accounts.


If you code in donation buttons on your website, that can be a great way both for you to make money, and for people to have a way to show appreciation for the work that you’re doing online. Especially if you’re in a creative industry, this is a good connective device between creator and fanbase.