3 Ways To Encourage Visitors To Complete Form Fills On Your Website

For many businesses, getting leads is one of the main reasons they keep their website up and running. To get the information you need from your leads, you may have various form fills throughout your website for your visitors to fill out. However, simply having these on the page often isn’t enough. There takes quite a bit of thought and strategizing to get your form fills to perform the way you want them to. To help you increase the conversions you see, here are three ways to encourage your visitors to complete form fills on your website. 

Placement On The Page 

To get the maximum impact and conversions on your form fills, you’re going to want to purposefully place them at the right points on your website. According to Neil Patel, the best place to put a form fill is above the fold on whatever pages you’re choosing to include it. The reasoning behind this is that people usually spend more time engaging with content that’s above the fold, meaning they don’t have to scroll down at all to see it. By putting your form fill in an easy to see and commonly engaged area, you can greatly increase the chances of it being filled out on a more regular basis. 

Make It Personal 

Another great way to appeal to your visitors and engage them in filling out your forms fills is to make your content personal to them. To do this, Katherine Boyarsky, a contributor to HubSpot.com, advises that you use dynamic content. What this means is that the content your visitors see will change based on who they are and what they’re interested. This includes putting their name in the content and making your text personal to them. While you might need to make some updates to your site to use dynamic content, it could be very worth it in the end. 

Limit The Fields 

While you might want to get as much information as possible from people filling out your form fills, you’re going to get a lot more interaction if you keep the fields limited to just a small number. For example, Parnall Law has a form fill with only three fields: Name, phone number or email address, and a brief explanation of the claim. When you keep the number of fields low on your form fill, Zach Bulygo, a contributor to KISSMetrics.com, shares that it shows your visitors that you respect their time. It’s much easier for a visitor to fill in three boxes rather than ten boxes, so only ask for the essential information in your initial form fill for generating a lead.

If you’ve been having trouble getting conversions and lead from your form fills, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you optimize them.