3 Ways to Improve the Design Of Your Company’s Website

In the business world, there are few goals everyone shares. First, we want to turn a profit. Second, the mass majority of businesses want to leave the world better than they found it. Third, we want to create a peaceful and inspirational environment and a productive life for our employees.

That said, the old methods of making your business known to the world just aren’t very helpful anymore. Current generations rarely turn on a tv anymore. They opt for the modern tech in their phones, laptops, and tablets.

So, it makes sense that the largest market in the world is the internet. Companies must learn to navigate the web if they hope to be successful. Below are three ideas for improving your website that will help do just that.

Easy to Use

When was the last time you put a piece of furniture together? Bet you didn’t read the instructions. You either got frustrated trying to figure it out on your own or got it done with extra pieces left over. Those pieces have to go somewhere, but without reading the instructions, you’ll never know. This is a common problem with men AND women.

Many companies have improved the usability of the included directions because of the difficulty. Without the improvement, many consumers would have eventually just skipped over those products. Your company’s website is no different.

Customers must be comfortable with the ease of using your site. Know your customers and make it easier for them to get to where they need to go on your site. The easier your site is to use, the more they will return and, more than likely, bring others with them. 

F is a Useful Letter

Now when most of us think of the letter “F”, we don’t generally have pleasant thoughts unless you are a kindergarten student. Be that as it may, the letter F has proven to be beneficial to the business world. It has been studied and proven that most people explore a web page in the shape of an F.

They begin at the top right hand of the page and work their way through the contents on their screen. Knowing that, try to fill that initial right-hand corner with a dramatic eye catching call to action. This will make sure that even if they don’t take the time to explore the rest of the site, your logo has already been branded in their mind.

Keep it Simple Silly

After all is said and done, it’s prudent to keep things simple. To the average consumer, time is precious and they don’t have a lot of it to waste on trying to navigate your site. If they find the task cumbersome, they will leave and are likely not to return.

Make your buttons easy to find, limit the amount of text they have to read in order to take in your values and goals, and cater to their visual and auditory senses with pictures and videos that not only get your brand out there but are entertaining, as well.

Make purchasing products or services on your site possible with only two or three clicks. Keep your site clear of anything unnecessary and well maintained.

Your company’s website is the door that allows your profits to flow. Don’t lock the door with a poor website design. Refer here often for help.