Which Website Design Trends Should You Watch Out For?

Design trends change often, but some stay within the industry for quite some time. Website design trends come in many forms and you’ll notice websites making changes whenever a new trend hits the market. A way to track whenever these websites make changes is through the use of alm tools.

Website Design Trends

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Here are a few of the trends you should pay attention to, currently.

Extended Form Elements

With developers becoming very familiar with jQuery, the extended form elements are becoming very popular. This helps to make the JavaScript code much easier to use and less clutters. Many open source plugins are out there to make this task very easy for designers.

HTML5 Video Players

Another huge trend is the HTML5 video player. These video players provide a custom option for websites. Flash may still be necessary, but many web developers are moving towards HTML5 for videos. The top two recommendations are the MediaElement.js and the Video.js.

Flat Elements

Trends come and go and sometimes they come back. The flat elements have come back and many website designers are using flatter buttons with text shadowing, rounded corners and natural box showing. This has become known as the flat UI pattern and it’s very popular.

Personal Portraits

Portfolio websites have become very popular. Many are using a personal portrait as the front page or somewhere on the home page. This helps to connect with visitors and has become a very popular way to connect.

Image Galleries with Customization

With CSS and JavaScript becoming more popular, there are many designers and website adding custom image galleries. Many open source extensions and plugins make this takes very easy and it provides the ability to show off more images for the users in a faster way.

Designs for Mobile Devices First

Of course, with the growth of the mobile devices, many website designers are creating websites for the mobile device first.

Responsive Web Design

A mobile friendly design means they can take advantage of the traffic and they don’t need extra fluff. The bare essentials are becoming a popular design trend because of this.

Faster User Registration

Quick forms for faster registration are making a splash within website designs. Users don’t want to spend forever filling out forms, so website are trying to make it faster by offering Facebook, Twitter and other types of registration.

Videos Replacing Text

Whether you prefer to read or watch, there are many websites replacing text with videos. However, the design trend that is really becoming popular is to place both video and text on the same page. This helps to make the page work better for all users and not just those looking for videos or for text.

Long Scrolling

Instead of providing a website that doesn’t scroll very far, many websites are becoming long scrolling. This helps with the overall web design and the ability to see the site on a mobile device easier.

Social Integration

Social posts and images are being seen inside content more and more today. This is a huge design trend and helps visitors better connect to the site and the company.

These are just a few of the many design trends coming to the forefront of the industry. Many websites are using these trends to provide a better user experience. This provides many benefits including SEO benefits.