What Makes a Successful Ecommerce Website?

While every website is as unique as the company behind it, there are a few key elements that all success ecommerce websites share. It is the inclusion of these vital elements that makes or breaks an ecommerce website. And they are often the most overlooked aspects of the ecommerce website build process. Here are a few things that you need to have in order to maximize the potential of your ecommerce website.

Well-Written Content for ecommerce Success

Every website, not just ecommerce sites, has to have solidly written content in order to be successful. In the webosphere, content is king. Copied content or content that is full of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors not only keeps site visibility down due to an inability for search engine crawlers to be able to properly index the site, it is a huge turn off for customers. In order to place their confidence in a company, a customer requires them to present a professional image. And a company that doesn’t care about the appearance of its website also portrays a image that it doesn’t care about its customers.

In addition to having professionally polished content, your content needs to market your wares well. This means that the content identifies a problem and them effectively demonstrates how your product can solve it as well as provide a call to action. Because great content is such a vital aspect of ecommerce success, it might be best to ask a professional copywriter to produce the content for you.

Friendly Navigation

Next, in order for your ecommerce site to be effective, customers have to be able to easily navigate their way around your website. Online customers want to be able to find the things they want quickly and easily. If your site can’t provide that, they will move on to one that can. Experts agree that website owners have fifteen seconds or less to grab an online customer’s attention. They have even less time to demonstrate that they can deliver what the customer wants before they move on. Having a clean layout, provide access to important pages in a prominent area and easy access to your products or payment page are all vital to the success of your ecommerce site.

All Payment Systems are Secure and User-Friendly

If your customer is paying with a credit card, adhere to PCI-DSS standards for both your sake and theirs. Last but not least, have a shopping cart and payment system that meets or exceeds all current standards for online payment security. At a minimum, you need SSL certification and the shopping cart/merchant payment processor solution you use must be PCI/DSS certified. The fastest way to destroy your credibility online is to experience a data breach where your customers’ sensitive information is accessed. When it comes to ecommerce store solutions, make sure that you are using a solution that is well known in the industry for providing exceptional security and support.

Your ecommerce website can be the number one thing that helps you take your business to a whole new level or can single handedly destroy your business. Having these vital elements included in your website design will go a long way to ensuring that your website is the former.