Top 10 Free Extensions to Use for Sub-pages on Joomla Websites

Joomla hosting offers its users the option to make an unlimited number of sub-pages off of their main site. A complex site in any niche requires useful extensions. Below, are 10 extensions Joomla users will find valuable for their site and sub-pages.

  1. Akeeba Backup

Joomla hosting extensions usually fit a very specific niche, and Akeeba Backup is no different. It backs up the user’s Joomla site, and if a small script is added, it can completely restore it too. Most reviewers agree that the extension works exactly as advertised, and they add it to their permanent admin extension collection. Akeeba Backup is simple to install like most extensions for Joomla. The following are the specs and perks of this extension:

  • It is free for the basic core extension.
  • Clicking a single button is the only requirement for post-installation configuration.
  • Clicking a single button on the control panel backs the site up within minutes.
  1. AllVideos

Most Joomla website developers would love to have video content, but it tends to be more trouble than it is worth, except with AllVideos. AllVideos takes a simple approach. The extension allows the site owner to tag videos from a variety of locations. Many savvy coders will scoff at this because most video hosting sites allow the HTML code of videos to be cut and pasted into the code of a site, but this requires time and a certain amount of know-how concerning HTML. The following are specs and perks for AllVideos:

  • It is developed by JoomlaWorks.
  • It is free.
  • It can tag videos hosted locally, or it can tag them on a variety of sites, such as Vimeo, Ustream or YouTube.
  1. CDN for Joomla

The Joomla CDN operates specifically for pull zones, which means files do not need to be uploaded to CDN for Joomla’s servers. This extension will grab the type of content the user specifies, and it will pull it to its servers whenever there are times of heavy traffic. CDN for Joomla is especially useful because it just needs to be set initially, and after the initial setting, there is no more need to worry. The following are the specs and perks:

  • It is developed by NoNumber.
  • It is free for the basic service, and it is $39 for Pro CDN for Joomla.
  • It allows the site’s core e-commerce engine and database to function smoothly during heavy traffic.
  1. Community Builder

This extension provides a framework for sites encouraging or built for community. It is not the type of suite where the user has to employ every tool it offers, which is a huge plus. Unlike most community packages offering fixed forums, messaging systems and blogging, Community Builder lets users utilize their desired tools. The following are the specs and perks:

  • It is developed by Joomlapolis.
  • It is free, but add-ons carry a fee.
  • There are a variety of top-tier integration options available for a community based site.
  1. Googlemaps Plugin

Once the Googlemaps Plugin extension is enabled, the user enters a specific tag for it to appear on any page of the site. The default settings for the tag’s view are set inside the configuration settings. A display map can display any location,  and a variety of sizes with overlay options by configuring parameters. The following are the specs and perks:

  • It is developed by Mike Reumer.
  • It is free, and there are no other advanced versions needed to purchase.
  • It works simple and well upon installation.
  1. JCE

Installation and activation of JCE extension is particularly easy, and there is an array of tools. Activation is done through the Global Configuration settings hub. Then, just choose JCE as the default editor. There is a large toolbar full of editing options, and the toggle editor allows the toolbar to expand and be hidden at will. This allows Joomla users to do what most Joomla users prefer, which is to write. The following are specs and perks:

  • It is developed by Widget Factory Ltd.
  • It is free, but add-ons cost extra.
  • It makes it easy to develop and craft a site well.
  1. JEvents

This is one of the most complete calendar extensions available for Joomla at the time of this writing. After installation finishes, the JEvent’s configuration option screen immediately presents itself for work. There are a myriad of options. Some of the more impressive options include running an RSS feed for the events and importing or exporting iCal files. The sheer amount of options can be overwhelming, but with some practice, most users will conclude JEvent to be the best in the niche. Here are some of the specs and perks:

  • It is developed by JEvents.
  • It is very, however, modules and different themes do cost extra.
  • The free, basic service is nearly perfect, so most additions are unnecessary.
  1. Jtouch Mobile Template

This extension and template hybrid is specifically to help Joomla websites to show up well on smartphones. It is a comprehensive extension with two key components comprising the download. The extension includes a Mobile Controller plugin, along with the template, which detects whether a browser is suitable for a mobile device. Configuration is easy, and it allows sites to load easily on mobile devices. The following are specs and perks:

  • It is developed by
  • It is free.
  • Technically, it goes beyond an extension or plugin because it is comprehensive enough to considered a full template with extension features.
  1. Simple Image Gallery

There is not much to say about this extension because of the developer, simplicity and usefulness. It allows fast, slide-show displays of photos on Joomla sites. It is the simplest extension so far to “drop” pics onto a site’s pages. The only thing necessary is to upload all the pics from a category into a directory inside of Joomla’s Media Manager. The following are specs and perks:

  • It is developed by JoomlaWorks.
  • It is free, and there is a professional version priced at around $19.50.
  • This is the same developing team for AllVideos, and the team applied the same usefulness and simplicity.
  1. VirtueMart

VirtueMart has grown exponentially in popularity as an e-commerce tool. Its function is a shopping cart framework, and even though it is new compared to other e-commerce solutions, it packs far more options and tools than its competition. Being this tool-heavy, it can be a bit bumpy to learn it, but it is worth it for any site with a large number of product sub-pages. The following are specs and perks:

  • It is developed by VirtueMart eCommerce Solution.
  • It is free.
  • It has evolved considerably with updates.

These 10 extensions are designed to improve the experience, sites and sub-pages used by developers choosing the Joomla hosting platform. Most of them are niche specific, but some of them will integrate well across all niches. These extensions are highly recommended, and as always, site owners on Joomla are encouraged to do additional research.