The Power of Incorporating Video Blogging on Your Website

Online trends are always on the move and what is relevant today is probably not going to relevant for long. This is why it’s important to keep up with the trends, because the longer you wait to jump on the train, the further behind you’ll get, and it will feel practically impossible for you to catch up.

In the world of web design, development, engagement, and marketing, there can be so much to keep up on that it’s overwhelming. You might feel the temptation to just give up. Of course, you shouldn’t do this, you just have to find ways to get everything done without allowing all the pressure to be on you as an individual.

Divvy up the work load, do the appropriate research, and you’ll find that while overwhelming, being relevant in today’s web based society isn’t impossible. One such way to be relevant is to incorporate video blogging on your website. Here’s why it’s important and how to do it:

People Don’t Like to Read Much

Ironic as it is that you’re reading this right now, today’s society is so highly stimulating that people don’t have the attention spans that they used to. The average individual will lose interest in something faster than a goldfish. That’s 12 seconds. Rather pathetic. For this reason, people don’t read as much as they used to and they require forms of entertainment that keep them interested through different stimulating mediums.

Video is the number one resource for reaching an audience. It appeals to multiple senses, is always changing, and people would rather watch something than read about it. For this reason, Park West Gallery has taken to incorporating video blogging into their marketing scheme. People like to see things and be engaged. Video does that for people.

Video is Shareable

Thanks to developments in technology, a video is viewable from almost anywhere. Facebook has made it so that videos play even when a person is scrolling by not even being interesting. However, once they see the moving media, they can’t help but be attracted. They will watch the video, even if unintentionally, and if they like what they see, if it makes them laugh, cry, it startles them, or they like the creativity of the way the message was shared, they’ll share it with all of their friends and social media followers.

Video captivates people and encourages them to share if it’s something that they like. No other form of marketing is as effective as video, as it draws the eye, keeps the viewer interested, and is able to to shared with the click of a button, bringing in loads of unsuspecting passersby into your website so that you can come in for the sale.