How to Select the Right VPS Hosting Provider

Starting a new website might be challenging. You might be on a shoestring budget when launching a new website and this may leave with limited options to choose from. You would therefore go for shared hosting. However, as your business grows, you will be forced to shift from shared package to virtual private server hosting. This is in a bid to attain enhanced security, high -end online resources and other benefits that come along with this package.

Why you need VPS

Every virtual private server is hosted on a powerful server in a VPS hosting service. In actual sense, this is a server in a more powerful server. In a technical approach, a VPS server is a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting server. You can purchase a package then rent space on the web server and thereby host your new website. You only have to upload your web docs and the new website will be running online.

Benefits of VPS

You will enjoy the following benefits when you purchase VPS package.

  • With a VPS hosting, subscribers get more dedicated resources anytime. They can use the entire RAM that comes along with this package considering that they only host their own website on the server.
  • If you purchase a VPS package, you will enjoy enhanced security since your website is the only one hosted on the server.
  • You get full control of the facility and can install new applications anytime you want.
  • With VPS server, you will make use of tailor-made services to customize the server to suit your site.

Choosing right VPS hosting providers

You need to know some important factors when picking an affordable VPS hosting service.

  • Random Access Memory

One of the critical factors you must take into account while choosing VPS Hosting providers is the amount of memory you need to run the operating system as well as the server. A minimum of 512 MB must be available at the start to offer fast loading speed and hassle free services as your website develops. After your website flourishes on the Internet, you should be ready to move to 1GB RAM with a minimum of 20GB storage space.

  • Windows or Linux

One important factor you must keep a watch on is the operating system on the server. There are two offers on Linux and Windows Operating systems. Linux OS is cheaper than the Windows, considering that it is an open source application. It is user-friendly and offers a wide variety of applications. However, the Windows operating system supports all types of applications, even those not supported on Linux. Therefore, choose your OS counting on the applications you plan to use.

  • Unmanaged and Managed plans

These are two plans that are popular with VPS. Unmanaged VPS plan is an ideal package for affordable VPS hosting. However, you must hire a professional to oversee the server. Managed VPS plan is a better alternative to normal users since there is an administrator who manages the system at all times. However, you should be ready to meet the high price that comes with the managed VPS plan.

  • Bandwidth and data transfer

Several VPS providers set a limit on the amount of data transfer permitted on any VPS account. You must verify this resource before making a decision. You ought to know that some hosting providers offer cheap unmetered VPS plans, however data transfer is limited by the port’s speed. Therefore, the amount of monthly data transfer on your VPS account is limited.

  • Uptime

Any VPS service available has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. This is however not true in practice. It is important to keep an eye on customer testimonials and complaints on latency and downtime of VPS servers. Go for a VPS plan with least downtime and maximum positive customer reviews.

  • Customer support

Modern customer support is an integral part of any successful business. When using the VPS servers, there might be problems that may arise unexpectedly. At this point, customer service team comes into the picture. You need to consult a provider offering quick customer service to fix problems you are likely to face. The customer support team should be up for 24 hours.

  • Price

Compare prices of various packages from at least four to six cheap hosting providers. Settle for one that provides modern features at an affordable cost. Choose services with money-back guarantee.

  • Server configuration

The performance as well as the speed of a website counts on server configuration. RAM allocation, disk share and capacity processors are key elements. The quality of the hardware on which the server operates is as well important. Its acts like a foundation. A weak foundation would translate to a weak construction. The physical machine you pick must be a reputed brand and have high capacity.

  • Scalability and redundancy

Redundancy is having a backup system, particularly at the data center. In case of power failure, UPS and generator systems must be available. Alternative arrangements must be available just in case the ISP services fail. Scalability refers to the capacity to accommodate increased loads on the server.

With the above hints, you will never go wrong when it comes to selecting affordable VPS hosting providers. However, you should not forget to check on server scalability, downtime, cost and operating system available. Moreover, you need to specify applications that will be compatible with the OS.