Miro – The Online Whiteboard that Inspires Businesses in 2020

Not many years ago we would talk about the whiteboard as the better looking-better skilled sister of the chalkboard. Nowadays, as the pandemic takes its course, technology evolved so rapidly that in the near future people will forget about classic whiteboards.

While most of our productivity tools have commuted into a digitized version, the classic whiteboards, which were designed to be used, erased and reused at any time, have remained as standard physical features to be placed around the office.

A virtual whiteboard is a software designed solution that can either be accessed as browser-based tool or as a particular app. Its main purpose is to permit/offer real-time remote collaboration among distributed teams.

Why should you use an online whiteboard?

In this time of crisis there is no denying the benefit of an online whiteboard as an efficient method for collaboration, planning, laying out ideas with the possibility to store everything and take a further look at your desire.  

Since more and more employees work from home or from different countries, maintaining communication within the teams is of the utmost importance. Until recent times, companies would use the e-mail or physical meetings to provide updates, conduct trainings or exchange ideas.

But in the 21st century, the demand for more up-to-date communication tools makes the interactive whiteboard a useful and important tool for corporations. It allows you to hold meetings, remote trainings and workshops, as well as gather all the information in one place and work from all over the world in real time.

How can Miro help improve your business?

Idea sharing – project based meetings made simple

Collaborate with your partners in order to develop more strategic plans and projects. Make use of the premade templates and functions such as diagrams for brainstorming. If you are new on the market, you might find the mind-mapping system useful as you can keep track of your best ideas, make plans and decide the direction of your business while leaving room for comments from your collaborators/partners.

Make use of the infinite canvas and multimedia content to foster your team’s creativity and share your ideas within the company easier than ever.

Meetings and workshops

Present your projects in a welcoming manner, get quick access to your meeting agenda and create interactive workshops for your employees. Run engaging – remote meetings and get used to all the facilities that improve your experience: easy track of activity, built-in media such as video or audio for a better understanding, an integrated voting system useful for active decision-making and lots of other facilities specially developed to enhance your company’s productivity.


In every business, training your employees is of a significant importance when it comes to delivering great work results. In order to do this remotely, safely and with minimum resources, try this new facility and exploit the possibility to deliver interactive webinars using the online whiteboard as part of the training process.

Not only will your employees be delighted to participate in a training from a place of their choice, but they will also have the possibility to express their ideas, offer and receive feedback during the training process, as well as measure their own progress with the integrated functions and tools.

Strategy and planning

Planning and organizing are two of the most important aspects when it comes to making the best moves regarding business plans and strategies. No matter your experience level in the area, strategic thinking will always help you manage your business in order to be one-step ahead in every situation.

Thus, having a system that allows you to keep all your thoughts in one place will offer a larger perspective and help make better decisions.

Agile workflows

A deficient business workflow will not only waste your company’s resources, but it will also slow down your business. If you are tired of spending time on unnecessary tasks or in overlong meetings, this online whiteboard might be the tool to save your time and energy.

Improve workflow by using the facilities that Miro offers in order to create an organized workspace, assign clear and specific tasks for each employee, minimize unnecessary interruptions during the meetings. Trust us, this will help you save time and money in the long run.

Get real-time feedback from your team

In collaboration with Google Forms, Survey Monkey and Typeform, you can now easily import and cluster survey results and forms on a digital whiteboard in Miro. This feature helps you take a step forward in the feedback process, as you can use the integrative tools to analyze your company’s impact and results in an efficient manner.

Analyze your business

Dive deeper into key business strategies by creating SWOT, MOST or BPM analysis, tracking profits and budgets or integrate plug-ins for further enhancement. Get it to a whole new level by inviting collaborators to contribute ideas and get the best outcomes as a business solution. Moreover, Miro offers quick retrospectives and the possibility to review the activity of all members.

Security controls

Miro values your security and privacy, it gives you permission to control who has access to your whiteboards, who can edit, comment or just view your work. Restrict the access within your organization, a particular team or keep some files only for yourself. You can change the privacy at any time and share your whiteboards on various platforms.

Connect with other apps

Maximize your potential by using our powerful integrations such as Slack, Zoom or Google Calendar, in order to keep a real-time connection between your most useful apps, as well as a systematic organization of resources. Integrating such functions will help create a complete, fully-functional suite for your company. Sync your progress so that everyone who has access can visualize and contribute remotely.

Whether you are working individually or as part of a team, an online whiteboard is a time-saver worth investing in! Organize your ideas faster, create interactive meetings and keep track of your business plans at any time from any place. With templates, sticky notes and other useful features, you can easily participate in a variety of activities and manage your business in a smart manner.

Online whiteboards allow businesses of all kinds to move their collaborative activities to the next level. Trust your instincts with Miro and increase your company’s productivity and creativity.