Main 2019 Digital Marketing Trends To Know

2019 is definitely a year when digital marketing is more popular than ever. The problem is that it is so advanced and there are so many options that are available that it is difficult to figure out what should be used and what should not be used. Fortunately, we can easily look at trends in order to see what we have to focus on in digital marketing.

The following trends are big right now and can only get bigger as the year winds down.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is nowadays a preferred digital marketing option for all industries, ranging from tech companies to Noll criminal lawyers in Springfield IL. This is due to the fact that online content is quickly transforming into visual representations. Presenting services and products in a way that convinces people to buy is so much easier when video is used.

We should also mention that smartphone adoption and increase in use of social media leads to video being preferred. People are surrounded by information so they need to access it really fast. This is why short videos can quickly communicate messages in a way that is effective from a marketing point of view.

Artificial Intelligence

It is expected that computers will soon be as decisive as they need to be in order to make great strategic marketing decisions. This practically means that digital marketing in 2019 needs to rely on gathering as much data as possible. The more data that is gathered, the easier it is for AI to make great marketing suggestions. Obviously, the technology is just in early development stages but results are already interesting. We expect AI to change marketing in 2019 and keep changing it in the following years.

Automated Chat Boxes

It is a certainty that you saw chat boxes while browsing the internet. These are a part of AI, a widely used application. However, how it is used now is different than in the past. There is a level of automation that is quite interesting since it allows you to quickly service customers without actually being present. IBM recently reported that 85% of customer service interactions are going to be handled by machines in 2019, which is definitely something you want to take into account.

Voice Search

The internet is faster than ever and the use of smartphones is quickly growing. We now have access to smart integrations like Google Home and Alexa, so it is normal to focus on voice search. The use of voice search is quickly growing and its use in voice marketing is more interesting than ever. Optimizing online content so that it can easily be found with the use of voice search commands is something that has to be taken into account this year.

Content Marketing

Last but not least, no matter what you want to market in 2019, if the online world is your target, content marketing is a necessity. The best way to reach customers is by creating really good content. Even if you need to move towards video content, it is still content marketing.