Cloud Technology Growing Wider – How It’ll Impact You

Over the past few years, the Cloud technology has exploded in popularity. It undoubtedly can provide consumers with more convenient access to their files, documents, and images. Of course, Cloud computing is still in its youth. Within the next few years, the technology will be implemented in more and more aspects of consumer’s lives and they may not even realize it. It’ll play a role in many mundane tasks, including shopping, driving, traveling, and even your home’s security. Google understands this wholeheartedly and the company has gone above and beyond to expand their Cloud services.

Google just recently announced their acquisition of Anvato. The company is responsible for delivering software that allows content creators, such as NBCUniversal, Fox Sports, and Univision, to distribute their content to consumers. Despite being the leading in many technological markets, Google actually lags behind Microsoft and Amazon, when it comes to their Cloud business. Another thing to take into consideration is Roger Communications and their Cloud bid. The company has launched the Rogers Public Cloud, which will allow Canadian businesses to save a substantial amount of money, while also reducing stress and pressure on their IT teams.

The Rogers Public Cloud will make it possible for businesses to scale accordingly, while freeing up time, resources and ultimately saving money, by only paying for what they need at any given time. Also, consumers, who are familiar with SD cards and other storage devices will be forced to make changes, due to the emergence of the Cloud. SD cards and other similar products will likely become obsolete within the company years. Although these devices were incredibly beneficial and thought to be secure at once, they’re unable to parallel the safety, security and convenience of the Cloud.

This was evident, by Seagate Technology’s decision to cut jobs earlier this year. Of course, there is some good news for the company. reports that Seagate intends to lower its employee count to focus more intently on Cloud solutions and they’re not alone. Yandex, which is widely considered to be the leading Internet search engine in Russia, has also decided to enter the Cloud market. Instead of utilizing SD cards to store data, consumers will now make the transformation to the Cloud and will be able to do away with additional hardware or physical cards. Companies like Yandex, Amazon, and Seagate will make that a possibility with the use of the Cloud.

According to a recent report, Yandex will begin providing Russian companies with access to IaaS solutions. The Russian Cloud market is expected to double within the next three years and they’re not alone. Cloud storage has become very popular since its development. Today, many giant technology companies are enveloping the Cloud into their products. Cloud not only offers home automation customers secure storage options, but it allows the option of downloading their clip videos on their app enabled laptops, smartphones, and iPads. Of course, in many cases, consumers will need to pay a small monthly fee for these services, but the rewards are endless.