Benefits of Using Tablets in the Workplace

Since tablets became a mainstream consumer product not long ago, more and more people are choosing tablet computers as their primary tech device for work and play. In fact, more people use tablets now to access the Internet than they do their smartphones. Could this trend mean benefits in the workplace? The answer is yes. Check out these reasons why.

They’re Extremely Mobile

One major benefit of tablet computers in the workplace is that they’re more mobile than many other devices, which can help boost productivity. Instead of hauling around a laptop computer, employees can enjoy the convenience of a lightweight product that can do just as much, if not more, as a traditional desktop or laptop. This makes it easy to bring digital files with you to meetings, access files on-the-go, and even take your work home with you. As an added bonus, the larger screens make them easier to work with than smartphones.

They Boost Productivity

Benefits of using Tablets

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Tablets provide several functions that can help boost worker productivity. For one, options like tablets from Android open your workplace to applications that are more practical on a mobile device. These may include productivity apps like Google Drive or Evernote along with collaboration tools like Asana.

But tablets can do so much more to boost your productivity. With their highly mobile capabilities, keeping connected with work on-the-go is easy. Plus, tablets are designed to run apps that speed up normal functions like data entry. Not sure about this claim? According to research, tablets boost employee productivity by 20 percent in the U.S.

They’re a Prime Choice for File-Sharing Functions

According to Forrester research, tablets are growing in popularity as a tool for sharing and syncing files. This is partially because tablets allow workers to access files on-the-go, but this might also be attributed to the fact that more and more file-sharing mobile apps are emerging that are compatible with tablet devices. For instance, you can use apps like Google Drive to share files among employees, and your tablet can be the perfect place to access and edit those shared files.

They’re Excellent Presentation Tools

Benefits of using Tablets

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If you give a lot of presentations, then what are you doing if you don’t yet have a tablet computer to aid you in those presentations? Apps like Slideshark and Keynote for your tablet can really help spice up your presentation, land business deals, and make sales. Applications like Keynote allow you to create your own graphs and charts, add text, and do all the other fun things that you’re used to with presentation tools. However, you’ll be able to connect to a projector and control the presentation from your tablet.

Better yet, you’ll be able to edit your presentations on-the-go. Do you have one more slide to add quickly before the meeting? You can actually add that slide to your presentation while you’re walking to the meeting room.

They Offer Practical Travel Tools

If you have many colleagues traveling for business, then you can make tracking travel expenses and staying in touch easy. Your employees can download apps like Expensify to help them track and report travel expenses. They can even use their tablets’ cameras to take photos of their receipts and store them in their Expensify account. Other options like TripIt makes it easy for employees to stay on track while traveling and be sure their business trip runs smoothly.

Don’t forget about mobile apps like Skype, where you can video-chat with employees while they’re on-the-go. Since tablets are so easily mobile, you can contact your employees while they’re in the airport or in their hotel rooms without a hassle.

With so many benefits of tablet computers, you may be asking yourself why your business hasn’t adopted them yet or integrated them into your daily practices. As tablets become more and more popular, you’re already falling behind. Consider using tablets in your workplace to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. In what ways will you use tablet computers in your business?