A2 Hosting – Why It is Good For You

The A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting has many features that make it suitable for WordPress websites. It should be so, the hosting plan is specially designed for WordPress. The package comes with free WordPress resources such as themes and plugins; the most important free plugin included in the package is the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack plugin is a one-in-all plugin that combines various extraordinary functions. Though you can install Jetpack directly from WordPress dashboard irrespective of hosting plan, but you will still need a personal license to activate it. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting provides free Jetpack personal license. Below are some Jetpack features to convince you:

  • Custom CSS

Professional web programmers design WordPress; they used standard programming procedures and practices. So as not to mess up the WordPress core files and cause problems on your WordPress website, they have provided adequate information with WordPress codec. To edit WordPress codes or add new custom codes require you have studied the code structure adequately from WordPress. However, you won’t be posing any threat to your WordPress website when you add CSS to your WordPress website. Jetpack allows adding custom CSS without tampering with WordPress core CSS files. With this method, CSS errors won’t cause permanent damage and resetting to default CSS is easier by deleting the add CSS codes.

  • Publicize

Various plugins can help you to share WordPress contents to social media, but Jetpack does it better. Once you have installed and activated the Jetpack plugin, you can add the six most popular social platforms. Then set the type of contents you want to share, i.e., pages, posts, etc. Your contents will be shared to the specified platforms automatically any time you publish content on your website.

  • Related posts

Also, some other plugins can get this done, but not as efficient as Jetpack. The plugin has better accuracy in listing related posts. Jetpack performs a thorough analysis before concluding a post is related and presents it. This feature boosts user engagement and enhances the overall user experience.\

  • Sharing

In addition to the publicize feature which shares automatically, sharing features allow your website’s visitors to share your content to their own connections.

  • Photon

Image acceleration, editing, and optimizing service. The services offered by Photon are peculiar to websites hosted on WordPress.com but also works on WordPress websites that has Jetpack installed. Photon boosts image load time on web pages. You may see on some WordPress web pages that images load faster than texts on the page, this is Photon at work.

Jetpack is the only tip of the iceberg in features of A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting. Other features make it perfect for WordPress websites.

  • Turbo speed; server speed up to 20X average speed. Now that is an excellent speed for a website, and it will surely make such website make search engines first pages (SEO).
  • Adequate storage space; 10GB space is more than enough to accommodate all website files and even basic uploads. But if it is not enough, you can always go for a bigger space. 25GB or 40GB are the next options available.
  • Automatic updated; you need not to worry about updating your WordPress version or its components such as plugins and themes. Computer codes have been put in place to find outdated components and update them to the latest versions.
  • Automatic backups; with recurring automatic backups that come with the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plans. You need not worrying about anything happening to your website. You already have a backup.
  • Free security certificates; SSL certificates are digitally signed certificates that every website should have. It secures and shows the credibility of a website and how much users can trust such website, especially if such website features transactions or receives sensitive data.
  • Best support team; with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting you will have access to the best support team that A2hosting has to offer. The team is available 24/7 to tend to queries and issues from using A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is designed to reduce the stress of managing the technical aspects of WordPress websites. Let A2hosting manage the technical issues while you focus on generating excellent contents.