4 Tools to Help You Dramatically Boost Your B2B Marketing Efforts

With 2018 approaching ever faster, it is time for B2B marketers to assess their strategic plan for the coming year and see what they can do to improve.

There are plenty of marketing tools available to help support your efforts, so perhaps it’s time to try out some new strategies.

Here are 4 of the most popular B2B marketing tools around which can help make your life much easier and improve your performance.

1. Ruler Analytics

One of the biggest challenges that any marketer faces is an ability to accurately track ROI, in order to then justify to themselves and their clients why their strategies have been successful.

Well, Ruler Analytics is a tool that helps you do exactly that by tracking and accumulating all visitor data such as where they came from, which keywords they found you by and at what point they were converted.

In turn, you can accurately track all of your B2B marketing routes and use call tracking to see which method converted the most customers, and which should be used more predominantly going forward.

You can finally have concrete proof of what is working, rather than keep basing your findings on your gut instinct or inaccurate advice from others.

2. Sumo

Sumo (previously known as SumoMe) have invested a lot of money recently into the tools they offer for monthly members. This makes them a powerful tool in the arsenal of any marketing specialist.

Perhaps most popular is the assortment of email signup forms which can be customised and tailored to fit your needs.

For a relatively low monthly fee, you can then integrate Sumo with a number of your other marketing applications such as your email automation software and eCommerce provider.

Together, the apps provided by Sumo can help you automate your B2B marketing efforts and drive more leads into your sales funnel.

3. Ahrefs

SEO should form a core component of your B2B marketing efforts as, if done properly, you can drive endless amounts of free targeted visitors to your site.

Ahrefs is an incredibly powerful tool in helping you to do exactly that.

As with other SEO tools, it has the same useful list of functions like keyword research and backlink analysis.

However, what really sets Ahrefs apart is the ability to compare your site’s performance alongside your competitors.

The information it lets you glean, such as what content they rank best for and who is linking to them, is truly invaluable

4. Buffer

Social media is one of the most dramatic changes in this lifetime to the ways in which people interact with each other and with companies.

It provides so many opportunities to reach and truly engage with potential customers; so you need a way to manage your posts and help optimise the number of people you are reaching.

Buffer is a fantastic tool for helping you do exactly that by scheduling in posts ahead of time to be released around the clock to reach audiences in different locations.

Their analytics software then lets you track the performance of each post and make alterations to optimise performance over time.

These 4 tools are just a selection of those available to B2B marketers, but together, they form a powerful arsenal to help you drive leads and optimise your performance.

If you are not using any then perhaps it is time to give them a go and at least make use of the free trials available.