4 Fresh Ideas to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

Having a blog is a major responsibility. It takes much work to capture an audience and keep their attention. The title, of course, may be one of the first things that reel them in. However, you need to keep them engaged in reading your blog posts, and that includes having more than just strong and valid opinions. An appealing blog post can make all the world of difference for your blog. Here are four fresh ideas to spice up your blog.

Add a Video

Of course, not every blog post needs a video. However, once a month is enough to give your readers something new to engage with. This video could be the entire blog post, or you can embed it in the middle of your post to give your readers a visual explanation.

Your video does not need to be professionally done. In fact, you don’t need to purchase any video software either. You can use your webcam and create a video directly on YouTube and load it there. Then, embed it in your blog post. Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Ditch the Bland Stock Photos

Hubspot says that stock photos could make you look generic – at best. Such generic pictures are neither believable engaging. There are many stock photo sites that offer realistic and purposeful photos. Pixabay, morgueFile, and Kozzi offer photos – attribution free. Sure, there is a small price to pay for some, but this helps spice up your blog. Use these photos to create captivating imagery that your viewers can pin, share on Facebook, or Tweet to get you maximum exposure.

Make a Complex Topic Easy to Understand

If you have a complex topic, of course you should tone down your intricate language skills. Break your post down in easy to comprehend language to match your audience. Another important thing to watch out for is how to show what you mean as opposed to just explaining it.

Adding visually appealing content such as pie charts, graphs, and infographics can really help your readers understand your complex topic. In fact, it’s helpful blog posts with these graphics that make readers want to share your content. Take the time to learn how to create a pie graph or infographics and watch your social shares increase.

Embed Tweets Within Your Posts

As you may have heard, Google now indexes Tweets. When you consider that, as well as the millions of people using Twitter daily, it makes sense to boost your social media sharing power with an embedded Tweet in your blog post. Try one of the following:

  • Embed a Tweet of a quote.
  • Send out a Tweet regarding a video on your blog post and embed that Tweet in a new blog post.
  • Add customer Twitter testimonials to your blog post.

These are just four fresh ideas of how you can spice up your blog posts. It’s not always about what you write about that makes an impact – the aesthetics of it matter as well.