3 Simple Tips To Help You Manage A Social Media Community

Proper social etiquette is paramount for the success of any marketing campaign that is done on the internet. Managing social networking communities is difficult since there are various unexpected things that can happen and the best practices always seem to change based on what is trendy at the moment. While it is quite obvious that you would want to hire a professional content marketing agency in order to take care of your online presence, there are some things that you can easily do alone in order to manage your current social media community. We will focus on just 3 tips that will make a huge difference.

Always Answer Questions

It is a certainty that your intended customers have an online social network profile. They do participate on such platforms so the business needs to do a lot more than just post an update. The company has to be willing to quickly answer any question that the potential customer or existing customer has.

At the moment, over 80% of the top US companies are answering complaints and questions with the use of social media. This is highly successful as a promotion strategy because it highlights the fact that the company cares and that it wants to offer the best possible services/products for its clients. Never dismiss answering questions, even if they are controversial.

Use Social Media To Drive People To Your Sites

Many companies end up forgetting about the fact that the initial goal was to increase the traffic to a specific website. Many social media management tools make this easy but if you forget about this initial goal, you make a huge mistake since you remain focused on creating the perfect social media experience, one that does not translate into new leads or increased profits.

Small business owners already understand that social media is great at getting people to visit the firm’s website. There are not many consumers that will buy from the first visit. However, that initial visit will have a huge impact if it manages to capture attention and grain trust. Make sure that you always keep customers informed on social media channels and that you communicate with the customers that you already have so that they can keep going back to the site.

Use Customer Stories On Social Media Pages

Although highly effective, it is a shame to see that only a limited number of companies use this in a proper way. You want to basically showcase that your services/products are of a really high quality and that they should be considered by social media visitors. In order to do this, one of the best methods is to showcase stories about the customers you had in the past, those people that used your services and products.


At the end of the day, social media management is all about managing the relationship that you establish with your follower base. The advice above will help you but it is really important that you always adapt based on the situation you are in. Always test strategies and use what works best in your specific case.